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Sit back and relax. We help you get the data you need regardless

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Why Octoparse Enterprise is Right for You

Need data from the web? From hundreds of websites? Octoparse has got your back!

Seamless integration

Empower your product and service by automating the entire data extraction process using simple APIs calls.

Scale as needed

Scale up the number of crawlers and achieve your ultimate scraping goal.

Blindly fast

Split tasks into multiple threads and fast parallel extractions on the cloud.

Intuitive design

Anyone can build a web crawler in a few clicks with our interactive interface.

Advanced anti-blocking


Extract data without getting blocked using proxy, user-agent and CAPTCHA-bypassing 

Scrape any website

Achieve complete extractions on any complex website, whether it applies Ajax technique or behind login.

Outstanding Customer Support

Help to roll out the process of data extraction, and tailor the crawler to 

fit your needs.

VIP Onboarding

Deliver personalized training sessions tailored to your team's unique needs.

1-on-1 Training

Dedicated Account Manager

Provide professional and consistent support for technical issues in a 

timely manner.

Web Scraping Solutions for All of Your Needs

These are just some examples of the countless uses of web data

We are happy to engage in a detailed discussion with you about interesting and innovative uses of data

Scrape data from social media websites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Target the right audience for marketing campaigns.

Social Media Data

Gather emails, phone numbers and public profiles. Win your customers and skyrocket your sales!

Leads Generation

E-Commerce & Retails

Extract store locations, product prices, inventories and distributors. Perform due diligence by spotting potential risks with latest data.

Extract local events, news articles, stocks and cryptocurrency market. Keep your database up-to-date.

Content Aggregation

Extract hotel prices, ratings, reviews and airline ticket prices. Compare the prices and stay competitive.

Hotels, Travel & Airlines

Extract government records, crime data and weather reports. Conduct empirical research with accurate, complete and comprehensive datasets.

Academic Research

Powering the Best Data-Driven Organizations in the World

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