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We get it. You want the data, not the headache. Have a peace of mind with Octoparse data extraction service.

With Octoparse web scraping service, we do all the work to make sure accurate data is delivered to your team. You don't have to build or maintain. Get data within days - not weeks or months. 

Quick, hassle-free

The Octoparse data solution is ideal for projects of all sizes - one-time or recurring, from thousands of records to millions of records each day. Scale as you grow. 

Flexible, and scalable

We have the experience and expertise to understand your requirements, solve any scraping issues and deliver exactly just that. No more data gaps and messy datasets.  

Reliable, high quality data

Powered by AI and machine learning, our data monitoring system tracks for the unexpected and alerts the engineer team to solve in a timely manner. 


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Give us the websites. Tell us which data you need.


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Your Octoparse Account Manager will work with you 1-1, making sure all project specs are met. 


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You're data-ready!

Get the data you need, the way you want it. 


From building, maintaining, and up-keeping the project, we'll do it right. 

We're with you every step of the way


SLA in Place

We are the experts in Web Data Scraping. Tell us your ideas, and we'll help you plan it out. Hundreds of data experts standing by your side to help with you project even if the deadline is tomorrow.

With over 5000 cloud servers located all over the world, plus advanced anti-blocking technologies, we've got your data covered, all the time, no matter what.

Robust Technology

Eliminate risk with contractual agreement for on-time delivery, at the required quality. Get the right data or your money back - you have our word for it.

Proudly serving a vast array of industries

Social Media Data

Discover trends, understand your customers and predict behavior using data from social media. Gain actionable insights and strategize for success.

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E-Commerce & Retails

Monitor competitors online by gathering product and pricing data at scale, from various eCommerce websites. Leverage product reviews and ratings to identify problem areas and improve products.

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Hotels, Travel & Airlines

Stay ahead of the game by tracking hotel prices, ratings, reviews from online travel sites. Deliver superior customer experience by always offering competitive and differentiated rates and amenities.  

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Leads Generation

Top up your sales funnel with fresh sales leads from directories. Develop targeted prospecting campaigns and skyrocket your sales!

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Content Aggregation

Aggregate data from different websites into one platform - local events, news articles, housing data, stocks data, product information, profiles and so much more.

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Academic Research

Power your research projects with accurate, complete and comprehensive datasets from the world's largest data source, the World Wide Web - government records, crime data, weather reports, financial data and more.

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