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Fetch all types of social media data across major players like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and many more. Streamline your social flows including posts, tweets, images, comments, etc, discover the most engaging content and understand your customers more. Let’s strategize your marketing success efficiently!

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Obtain data from broad marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Target, Wal-Mart and more.

Power up your sales and marketing workflows with a comparative market analysis. Octoparse has retail prices, promotions, SKUs, Product Description, inventories prepared for you. Uplift your retail management process to the next level with full automation!

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Sort job leads across websites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc. Octoparse automates job discovery, fetches fresh job listings by title, locations and many more. We take the heavy lift for recruitment agencies, job boards and AI-driven job matching apps.

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Equity & Risk Management

Extract data and company information from directory websites such as BBB, Yellowpage, Crunchbase, ThomasnetTechCrunch, and corporate websites. We are here to ensure you make sound financial decisions with relevant and updated information. Gear up your business with valuable data to avoid serious investment pitfalls! 

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Hotels, Travel & Airlines

Stay ahead of the game by tracking hotel prices, ratings, reviews from online travel sites such as Booking.com and TripAdvisor. Deliver superior customer experience by always offering competitive and differentiated rates and amenities. 

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Stream the most up-to-date press releases, academic journals, company news, auction bidding, news articles, blogs and more. We help to satisfy your huge source of data and gain a competitive advantage. Automate content feeds with the most valuable information into your platform in actual time.

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Get data effortlessly

We get it. You want the data, not the headache. Have a peace of mind with Octoparse data extraction service.

Quick, hassle-free

Flexible, and scalable

With Octoparse web scraping service, we do all the work to make sure accurate data is delivered to your team. You don't have to build or maintain. Get data within days - not weeks or months. 

The Octoparse data solution is ideal for projects of all sizes - one-time or recurring, from thousands of records to millions of records each day. Scale as you grow. 

Reliable, high quality data

Usable, formatted data

Ready-to-use data in Excel or CSV, or integrate with your database. Directly download via REST API. No more data gaps and messy datasets.  

We have the experience and expertise to understand your requirements, solve any scraping issues and deliver exactly just that. No more data gaps and messy datasets.  


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Give us the websites. Tell us which data you need.

Your Octoparse Account Manager will work with you 1-1, making sure all project specs are met.

From building, maintaining, and up-keeping the project, we'll do it right. 

Get the data you need, the way you want it. 

We're with you every step of the way


Robust Technology

SLA in Place

Eliminate risk with contractual agreement for on-time delivery, at the required quality. Get the right data or your money back - you have our word for it.

We are the experts in Web Data Scraping. Tell us your ideas, and we'll help you plan it out. Hundreds of data experts standing by your side to help with your project even if the deadline is tomorrow.

With over 5000 cloud servers located all over the world, plus advanced anti-blocking technologies, we've got your data covered, all the time, no matter what.

Trusted by companies around the world

Over the past year or so, Octoparse has been a great tool for us to gain further insight into our market using their web-crawling features. They have plenty of information to help guide you through the process of setting up all types of tasks and if you still need assistance, their support team are always there to help you! For anyone looking to take a professional approach to expand their business, Octoparse is worth the investment.

— Charlotte F

Data Analyst - Deltaautoparts.co.uk

I just wanted to commend you on the fast turnaround on the recent queries and support assistance that you have provided us. Prompt access to the pricing data we scrape from more than 20 retail liquor sites in Australia is pivotal to the success of our business and we are fortunate that Octoparse is totally in tune with our mission.

We are not blessed with a dedicated IT team but Octoparse has always supported our rudimentary skills courteously and skillfully.

We look forward to a long-term partnership.

— Mike Coomer

Managing Director –Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd

1.I used some web crawlers and made it by myself such as Python and other software(I forgot the name). But, they took long time to make algorithm and they are not intuitive. Octoparse is easy and fast for the beginner. It already had many kinds of format about the famous websites. So, I made the algorithms with the format in Octoparse for my Master's degree. Even I am not good at it, the support team helped me very nice and kind in many ways. I really appreciate Octoparse and support team.

— Jinseok Ha

Majoring in Business Informatics in Hanyang university

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Ecommerce data for product research and market analysis

"I am constantly fetching sales data from eBay. I am sure it would help me with my analysis in substantial ways in the near future."

Newest financial data empowers players in the industry

"we are now reducing the time spent on this workflow to around 1/4. Octoparse is the major help for the content team."

Lead generation: Turn web data into sales leads

"We distribute it to each member and they will make efficient phone calls periodically. Overall, this year witnesses a business growth of 100%."

Property valuation: big data makes car appraisal easier

"Yes it is important for what it is to obtain the primary data with which you do the value calculations."

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