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We're on a path to make web scraping ever easier for you!

The web scraping platform built for enterprise

High-performance web scraping with prioritized support, designed for enterprise-level customers with diverse and large-scale data extraction needs. 

One platform for thousands of websites

No more reinventing the wheel. Create and maintain all your crawlers, store and manage all your data, all in ONE place. Scale with unlimited crawlers and cloud processors for mega-size projects.

Supreme performance, the highest speed

Scrape millions of webpages every day with 40 plus Cloud processors. Get the highest data extraction speed among all Octoparse plans. 

Incredibly powerful - more consistent and reliable

We understand data quality is of utmost importance. Step up the gear with:

  • Scheduled extraction
  • Captcha bypassing
  • Scrape behind login
  • Integrated proxy resources
  • Scrape websites through different geographic locations

Non-coder friendly, even your trainee can handle it!

  • Point-and-click interface. Easy-to-use for everyone, even non-programmers.
  • Get data immediately with ready-to-use scraping templates. Skip the learning process for real.

Manage your jobs and data anywhere

Skip the App and work from anywhere with the exclusive web-based management console. With any browsers, you can easily manage all your scraping jobs and data... and get notified for anything!

Get integrated!

Use the Octoparse API to automate the data acquisition process within your own system - or connect to any systems of your own likings.

The API can be used to control your crawlers and data collections without manually accessing the App allowing you to maximize your productivity.

We Love Our Customers

Dedicated Account Manager

VIP Onboarding

1-on-1 Training

Provide professional and consistent support for technical issues in a timely manner.

Help to roll out the process of data extraction, and tailor the crawler to fit your needs.

Deliver personalized training sessions tailored to your team's unique needs.

Web scraping Insights and Inspiration

Discover how Octoparse can help with your business

Discover how to use Octoparse to get you thousands of leads almost instantly. 


Manage customer experience and improve your product and service by scraping review content.


Keep an eye on your competitor's price and develop your own pricing strategy based on that. 


Proudly supporting companies around the world

Enterprises all over are saving time and money with data acquisition processes

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