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We use it (Octoparse) just to grab data.... We looked at several companies previously to do that exact thing and we ended up liking you guys. The best out of all of them. It's just a matter of getting it to actually work, to do what we needed to do.

 — Peter Erickson, 

CEO of Blind Rivet Supply

About Blind Rivet

Blind Rivet Supply engages in an online business of hardware retailing. With experience in the industry over four decades, the company further equipped themselves with the smart solution of web scraping, turning the inventory management a headache to a business facilitator.

The Challenge

Blind Rivet Supply holds around 30,000 products on its online retail platform. An order should only be placed when there is goods in stock from the supplier. 

The update of suppliers' inventory data of an appalling amount of 30,000 products on a daily basis has been the biggest challenge for the company.

The Solution

Going out to grab 30,000 products every day and updating the inventory data on the web pages is ridiculous. 

As the data is all visible on suppliers' websites, this is where web scraping comes in. Blind Rivet now is scraping relevant data online and with data exported into CSV files, automated update of their product listings becomes reality.

Why Octoparse

Get full, reliable data anytime

“Before...they (suppliers) were sending us a file that they send to other companies. But the file ... only done once a week. Basically the others (other web scraping tools) are all missing something.”

Blind Rivet found that data given by their suppliers was not new and fresh, which caused trouble in inventory tracking and when they switched to other data extraction tools, they were missing data. After that, they turned to Octoparse.

Get web data in use directly

(“After you pull that data with octoparse, can you use the data directly or you need to clean the data a little bit?” )

“No, we can use it directly. We just export it into a spreadsheet. And then we upload that spreadsheet in a CSV file.”

To update data manually on our website can be annoying, especially when frequent renewals are required. Blind Rivet exports data from Octoparse into a CSV file and upload directly onto the site.

Expand the horizon to get a competitive price

“We use it (Octoparse) just to grab data. We're gonna expand outwards to look at other vendors and grab pricing for competitive advantages... And then we can actually use it in that direction. We looked at several companies previously to do that exact thing. I we ended up liking you guys. The best out of all of them. So that was a good thing. It's just a matter of getting it to actually work, to do what we needed to do. ”

In this case, web scraping data is not only used to track suppliers' inventory data, but also to look out for vendors with a better offer.

Free our hands with pre-built tools

“Yours pretty much had a lot of pre-built tools that you didn't have to go building yourself and saved a lot of time.”

Our pre-built templates free customers from crawler building troubles. This is a perfect option for people without coding experience.

 Octoparse is made for success

“You felt well as far as customer support. And I understand because we deal with people in Australia and they're on a different time, they're a day ahead. And then you guys, I you've been very responsive. When I ask a question, you're right there.”

Octoparse has committed ourselves to help eCommerce businesses, including small and medium size, using smart technical solutions to help remove obstacles along the data harvesting journey and realize their potentials in business field.

 — Peter Erickson,  CEO of Blind Rivet Supply

The right data leads to sustainable growth!

We work closely with you to understand your data requirements and make sure we deliver exactly what you need. 

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