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# More Coverage, More Possibilities!

Scrapes contact data across all types of sources including social platforms and different kinds of directories like Google Maps, Yelp, and Yellow Page, real estates portals like Zillow and Realtor.com, or recruitment portals like Indeed, etc. Turn the enormous contacts online into customers and drive your business forward!

# Automate Leads Generation Flow - Improve Efficiency with AI

Leverage the power of AI to manage a growing data pipeline with ease. The bot will take care of the whole process of data extraction, data cleansing, and data exporting to enable later lead lifecycle management. Improve the effectivity and productivity by eliminating manual data entry forever.

# Gather Qualified Leads - at Scale

Still paying for email lists? Feed your contact database with the ever-growing world’s largest database! Bulk extract data like name, email, phone number, job title, company, position, and more. All the information online, what you see is what you can get, with no limit on the amount.

# Stay Ahead of the Game - with Octoparse One-Stop Solution

Not sure how to start? Octoparse can work closely with you to help you find the right data source, gather cross-platform data and seamlessly integrate to your CRM. We take care of the strategic details, so you can focus on meeting more customers.

Find your ideal prospects and drive your business forward

Data Enrichment

By aggregating cross-platform data to fill the holes in your data (email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, social profiles, affinities, etc.), Octoparse puts flesh on the bones of your contacts and transforms them into full-fledged customer profiles.

Prospect List

Leveraging the power of a web scraping bot to build an accurate prospect list as per your needs. Forget about copying and pasting, let Octoparse feed your database with up-to-date data continuously.

Ads Audience List

Budget is the king in outbound lead generation, don’t take 14 days or thousands of dollars to let ads learn which audience best suits you. Octoparse gives you the chance to find a target audience list on a large scale at a lower cost.

Build Buyer Persona

Knowing the buyer personas is critical for both sales and marketing. Octoparse can help you collect your customer data from other platforms to enable marketing analysis and finally identify their common traits and behaviors.

Leads Lifecycle Management

Automate the lead generation workflow and seamlessly transfer more qualified prospects into your CRM for later scoring or nurturing. Advanced API also supports further development. We take care of the strategic details so you can focus on meeting more customers.

High-quality Data

Powered by AI and machine learning, we ensure only high-quality data gets delivered to you. No more messy data, missing data, duplicated data, or headaches. 

Seamlessly Data Transfer

Automate the process of getting accurate leads from the web to your CRM through API. Octoparse’s powerful schedule function keeps your database updated to the minute. 

Anti-blocking technologies

Octoparse is the perfect tool for scraping dynamic and complex websites by handling the login authentication, using automatic IP rotation, and resolving reCaptcha programmatically.

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Managed data service

Sit back and relax. We offer a one-stop solution ranging from data extraction, data wrangler to data integration. Tell us your requirement and we will deliver the data the way you want it.

SaaS software

Use the software for all your scraping needs. We help you to set up and maintain customized scrapers. Work with your team, store and manage the data efficiently on ONE platform.

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"Octoparse is the best low code web scraping software I’ve been ever used. You might simply use the mouse to complete setting up the workflow to crawl anything you need from the website."

— Carson Woo

Manager – IT Business Analysis, Li & Fung

" Octoparse data service saves me a ton of time from collecting millions of web data from tricky websites, which most providers have failed. I'm glad I found Octoparse. They have the best customer service that helps me build and maintain crawlers."

 — Seonho Kim

CTO – EpicMobile inc.

"Prompt access to the pricing data we scrape from more than 20 retail liquor sites in Australia is pivotal to the success of our business and we are fortunate that Octoparse is totally in tune with our mission. We are not blessed with a dedicated IT team but Octoparse has always supported our rudimentary skills courteously and skillfully. We look forward to a long-term partnership."

— Mike Coomer

Managing Director, Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd

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