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Before using Octoparse, we did collect contact information ... manually copy and paste each number and call it. Now we have this data structured in Excel spreadsheets. We distribute it to each member and they will make efficient phone calls periodically. Overall, this year witnesses a business growth of 100%.


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Customer Story

The client, based in Tokyo, provides online services such as web development, digital advertising, and creative content production to companies all over the globe. Octoparse helps the client gather contact information to automate the lead generation process, replacing the old manual copying and pasting which was tedious and extremely inefficient.

The Challenge

For highly customized services, the key to growth revolves around the ability to reach out to prospects and dig into what they really need.


Similarly, the client's been challenged with a lengthy and inefficient lead generation process which was a major roadblock to growing their business. 

The Web Scraping Journey

The company turned to Octoparse in early 2019. Before that, they've been seeking opportunities to sell in a rather laborious way - manually collecting contact information, such as emails and phone numbers from various web pages. Soon they've come to realize that the way they have it done was intrinsically inefficient and inaccurate and they needed something smarter and reliable so they found Octoparse.

They started with one basic account for the trial. As they have it tested and proven, they moved on to more accounts and finally settled as an Enterprise account. With the Enterprise solution, they were able to further leverage team resources by having one admin account overseeing multiple agent accounts. As a result, they've significantly boosted sales with a consistent flow of fresh leads.  

In retrospect, Octoparse has provided the platform and technology the client needed to automate and transform their lead generation process. The fruitful results had made them an active Octoparse user ever since.

Why Octoparse

Substantial growth in lead generation

“It (collecting sales leads) was extremely laborious. Basically we was using ‘ctrl+c’and ‘ctrl+v’ to collect data. We had to execute 100 times for 100 lines of data. When the amount got to 10,000, we were no longer able to cope with it.”

Now the company is regularly scraping from websites where they can get a good amount of sales leads. Getting 10,000 of contact details at a time is no longer an impossible mission for them.

Structured data for effective moves

“Now we have this (contact) data structured in Excel spreadsheets. We distribute it to each member and they will make efficient phone calls periodically. Overall, this year witnesses a business growth of 100%.

Dedicated support that makes everything easy

“The toughest part for me in the beginning is the workflow and Xpath. Once I got a hang of them, using Octoparse is just as natural as stretching my arms and legs.

“The most touching thing is that it is very likely there are some websites not open for scraping. Most companies would just walk away and end the service. However, Octoparse is always coming to help in a timely manner. This is how the trust is built.

New World of data breaks new ground

“Using the scraping tool, we have been collecting the same type of data on web pages for a while until recently we tried it out on SNS. Now we are getting a wide range of information with Octoparse.

Web scraping opens the door to the world's biggest data source. You can start web scraping for one purpose and find yourself empowered to achieve amazing things that you would never imagine possible. 

The right data leads to sustainable growth! 

We work closely with you to understand your data requirements and make sure we deliver exactly what you need. 

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