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Every Day Octoparse Data Service Converts Millions of e-Commerce Sites Into Actionable Insights to Yield More Sales!

Get Data Effortlessly

# Retrieve Multiple Marketplaces

We Manage the variety and volume. Scrape from major e-Commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba to Retail online stores like Target, Wal-mart or Flipkart. Monitor multiple websites at the same time without effort.

# Extract Accurate and Complete

Extract data fields like Product name, Product image, ASIN, Category, Seller name, Product cost, Shipping cost, QTY, Star, Reviews and many more. We scrape as per your requirements!

# Provide End-to-end Service

From crawler setup, crawler maintenance, data wrangling, to data integration, Octoparse managed service offers a one-complete solution to help you aggregate the data you need. 


How Does Our Service Contribute to Your Business?

Collect and deliver data from individual/multiple competitor sites complemented with in-depth data analytics.

Use scenario

Price Scraping

Fetch prices from millions of sites, partners and channels at the same time. Whether it is to raise, lower or match your pricing with the competitors, optimize your product pricing and increase sales.

Track Best Sellers

Aggregate thousands of data points from multiple retail sites to track best sellers’ ranking. Find out which products are most popular that are missing from your store. Enhance your product’s mix and take the lead.

Inventory Tracking

We scrape product data, SKUs, and inventory level. Track product availability in multiple online marketplaces. 

Competitor monitoring

We collect products, prices, reviews and stock levels automatically across different websites. Track how your competitors handle their products. Find out what the difference is between the competitors and your offerings.

MAP Compliance Monitoring

We offer daily, weekly or monthly monitoring to track SKUs and distributors across online stores so you can keep tabs on authorized dealers for finding out who violates MAP. Nip pricing conflicts in the bud!

Monitor Customer Sentiment

We make it as easy and simple as possible for you to collect reviews, by transforming reviews into a simple spreadsheet. This is so important because the more complete reviews you gather, the more insights you can generate to optimize your business!


We're with youEvery Step of the Way

Advanced Anti-Blocking Technologies

Our strong infrastructure makes extensive social media data extraction much easier and effortless. Octoparse is the perfect tool for scraping dynamic and complex websites by handling the login-authentication, using automatic IP rotation, and resolving reCaptcha programmatically.

Easy Upkeep

Set your automated routine schedule monthly, weekly, or even daily. We deliver and update product and price information on a regular basis in an output format of your choice. Put your e-Commerce intelligence in autopilot.

Extensive Scale

Octoparse’s powerful infrastructure is engineered for a huge volume of extraction. Got a gazillion products and websites to be scrapped? Bring it on! We can’t wait to be challenged and fetch information from a gazillion of URLs. 


Dedicated services

Deliver the Data or Scraper Bot

All the features you want, none of the hassle

Once-Off Service

Sit back and relax. We offer a one-stop solution ranging from data extraction, data wrangler to data integration. Tell us your requirement and we will deliver the data the way you want it.


We help you to set and maintain customized scrapers. You can store and manage the data more efficiently with your team together directly through one platform.



You’re in Good Hands!





Make a request

Tell us your websites, products and parameters you want to keep tabs on.

Job Evaluated

We examine the feasibility and make sure all project specs are met.

Work in progress

From building, maintaining, to up-keeping the project, we’ll do it right. 

You're data-ready!

We deliver the data and automation in the output format of your choice.

Teams of every size have already made Octoparse the partner who they trust

"Octoparse is the best low code web scraping software I’ve been ever used. You might simply use the mouse to complete setting up the workflow to crawl anything you need from the website. What I like best about Octoparse is that the customer service is excellent, if I have a problem they will help me ASAP to resolve it or explain why it is happening and what I can do about it."

— Carson Woo

Manager – IT Business Analysis, Li & Fung

"Octoparse data service saves me a ton of time from collecting millions of web data from tricky websites, which most providers have failed. I'm glad I found Octoparse. They have the best customer service that helps me build and maintain crawlers. They even wrote me a series of tutorial step-by-step. I highly recommend Octoparse data service for any person involved in ecommerce."

 — Seonho Kim

CTO– EpicMobile inc.

"I just wanted to commend you on the fast turnaround on the recent queries and support assistance that you have provided us. Prompt access to the pricing data we scrape from more than 20 retail liquor sites in Australia is pivotal to the success of our business and we are fortunate that Octoparse is totally in tune with our mission.We are not blessed with a dedicated IT team but Octoparse has always supported our rudimentary skills courteously and skillfully.We look forward to a long-term partnership."

— Mike Coomer

Managing Director, Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd

Hear more from our customers

Blind Rivet is an online retailer selling hardware parts and tools. Web scraping helps the business on stock tracking and keeping track of its retailers' stock data make the business process run smoothly. 

Officecab is a company based in Japan, selling products mainly on eBay. The founder told us that he continues to collect product data from eBay and build a database for longitudinal market analysis.

Get the right data or your money back - you have our word on it

We work closely with you to understand your data requirement and make sure we deliver what you desire. Talk to us now to discuss how our web scraping service can help you maximize marketing efforts. 

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