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Octoparse helps higher education institutions enrich the teaching and learning experience with no-code web scraping solutions that empower students to succeed.

Unlock Student Potential with Octoparse

# Retrieve web data at scale with ease

Students should have the data resource they need to fulfill the learning purpose, and coding skills shouldn’t be the roadblock. Octoparse is a no-code platform that enables teachers and students to retrieve data from hundreds of websites in weeks, not years.

# Procure web data collaboratively anywhere

Students can leverage cloud-based storage to configure scraping tasks or access data in the cloud, whether learning at school or from home. Contribute to group assignments with more flexibility without physical restrictions.

# Keep all students connected with one platform

Every student has his/her unique definition of valuable data. We respect diversity as much as collaboration. Octoparse enables everyone to have an individual account to create a unique scraping project while keeping all students connected within a centralized hub.

Empower teaching, learning, and research

Sentiment Analysis

Extract data from global news sources and websites of your choice to track public sentiment, identify relationships, spot fake news, and gather up-to-date intelligence.

Academic Research

Originality plays an important role in the success of academic research. We help you get unique data that others cannot. Streaming data, cross-sectional data, longitudinal data, etc, whatever you need, we get you covered!  

Data Analysis

Collect data related to a specific category from multiple websites to form your unique datasets. Use the fresh data to test your hypothesis and uncover the new trend.

Text Analysis

Gather various types of web data such as social media posts, eCommerce reviews, images, or location data, etc. for text analysis. Collect a large amount of “natural language data”(NLP) in your preferred format to empower your research. 

Machine Learning

Getting high-quality data with predefined variables at a large scale helps train your AI models and improve machine learning. Turn the vast unstructured data on the web into a usable dataset for any AI project you want to pursue.

We're with you Every Step of the Way

We believe that there is always a solution when it comes to data extraction with Octoparse.

Flexible and Reliable

Millions of pages can be scraped in your preferred format and structured for further processing. Whatever your unique needs might be, we’re more than happy to help.

High-quality Data

With Octoparse, we ensure only high-quality data gets delivered to you. We have the experience and expertise to understand your requirements, solve any scraping issues and deliver exactly just that. No more data gaps and messy datasets.

Extensive Scale

Octoparse’s powerful infrastructure is engineered for a huge volume of extraction. Got large-scale data to scrapped? Bring it on! We can’t wait to be challenged and fetch information from a gazillion of URLs. 

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Real-World Success

The customer is a researcher at the University of Texas, studying social media interactions. In her words, it is a blessing for a researcher to come up with a meaningful research idea. However, data is not all that easy to get and a lack of data can be a hurdle to the truth-seekers. Octoparse web scraping solution makes mass data acquisition easy and achievable for researchers and helps turn insights into actions. 

The customer is a group from Cornell University, Department of Architecture. They use Octoparse to extract data from hundreds of websites and finish the semester work, which includes maps and data visualization for the city of Minneapolis, MN. With the help of Octoparse, all of the students were able to get a lot of information and data, and had really successful projects at the end of the semester.

Why Octoparse

One-stop solution with customized scraping workflow

Sit back and relax. We offer a one-stop solution ranging from data extraction, data wrangler to data integration. Tell us your requirements and we will deliver the data the way you want it.

SaaS software PLUS training courses

Build fast with an intuitive, visual scraper. Octoparse’s bespoke training is flexible and tailored to your needs. We make sure students are well-prepared with scraping skills for more data needs.

On-Premise Software

increases scalability

Octoparse offers on-premise software, which allows 10 or even 1000 students online simultaneously. Increace scalability for teaching and learning with afforable price.

I recommend Octoparse to all the people who are in need to access data without indulging in complexities for API’s of websites or social media tools, specifically recommend this to computer science data analytics researchers, this is the most flexible tool to acquire data from Twitter as most NLP, machine learning and textual analysis research is being conducted on Twitter data. 

— Gyorgy DorfiJunaid Abdul Wahid, Ph.D. Scholar, 

Zhengzhou University

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We work closely with you to understand your requirements and make sure we deliver exactly what you need.

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