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Octoparse web scraping templates are above and beyond regular scraper bot. Each template is truly easy to use by adding desired search terms with a few mouse clicks. Download & Unlock over 50 templates, they are working great right now.

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Whether you want to spot the best seller items, track volatile prices, or monitor your competitors, Amazon Template will pull all the products and reviews information in any country they do business in. Monitor and track real-time pricing behavior to boost competitive sales.


Instead of complex scraping tasks, Twitter templates let you fetch the latest tweets, user info, comments, engagement, and even keyword search results with few tabs. They handle all your needs more efficiently and quickly.


Ready to kickstart a successful business on eBay? This template gets complete pricing and product assortment information in detail to make profitable pricing decisions. 


Gather stores or hotel information within a certain area or zip code around the globe for business indexing. Scrape all the available data about every place at your fingertips. 

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Ecommerce →


Best Buy

Best Buy is the largest electronics retailer with various products including software, video games, digital cameras, etc. This template helps you gather all product information in detail. How do sellers price their products during Black Friday? Octoparse will unveil their marketing strategy.

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Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a membership-based retail warehouse club operated by Walmart Inc to compete with Amazon. You can collect product details with this template within clicks.


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Zozotown is the fashion wonderland in Japan with over 6000 popular brands. We help you gather millions of records including the product and vendors. Find the best deals to determine the optimal product mix. Focus your Product Assortment for Success.

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Tokopedia is the No.1 Indonesian’s most visited e-marketplace. And Indonesia is the world's fastest-growing e-commerce market. That being said, Tokopedia is the best place for international trading. This template will get you all the basic product information ready in seconds.    

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Walmart not only is a retail giant but also a leading retail marketplace that has been fighting with Amazon for years. This template will unlock the values for you by collecting the inventory and product information into a simple spreadsheet.


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Rakuten is the largest online shopping marketplace in Japan. In addition, they provide a wide range of services including hotel reservations, telecommunication service and more. If you start a dropshipping business, this template will store the products into your database.

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Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform based in Southeast Asia. Gather millions of product and seller information to fuel your marketing insights, Octoparse has you covered!


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This is the most popular Japanese auction site with over 50 million product listings. This template helps you gather auction items and bids in detail on a regular basis.



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Yahoo! Shopping

Yahoo shopping has over 134,000 shopkeepers along with 100 million listings. Don’t get scared by the magnitude of the information. This template gets you complete data from products to sellers to the number of reviews.


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Houzz is the third-largest online shopping marketplace for architecture, interior design and home improvement. You will have pricing, product name and contractors well prepared with this template for product and price monitoring.


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Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is an online retail company that offers a wide range of automotive, hardware, leisure and home products. This template helps you extract product name, pricing, ratings and number of reviews in the blink of an eye.


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One of the most populous e-commerce platforms, which offers vendors and practitioners around the globe endless opportunities. This template helps you aggregate product information ranging from food, cosmetics, electronics to even social media accounts


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If you are an e-commerce practitioner, you can’t miss this opportunity to dig products from this global giant. With over 300 million annual active customers purchasing from fresh food, apparel, electronics to cosmetics, this is the place you can look up so as to refine your offerings.

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Bukalapak is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia. With millions of shoppers and sellers, this is a great place for e-commerce practitioners to gain insights. This template extracts product name, item number, brand, pricing, image URLs, and more.


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Flipkart is an e-commerce marketplace based in India. This helps you extract complete product information for price or competitor monitoring.



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Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace providing abundant local merchants information. This template extracts all activities, goods and services data with a few mouse clicks. 


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Naver is a South Korea online search engine. This template pulls all the search results including the title, description and URLs instantly and converts into a spreadsheet for in-depth analysis.


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Building an e-commerce empire isn’t an easy task. Luckily, this template helps you collect all wholesale products and prices from the world’s largest online B2B trading platforms in detail effortlessly.  

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Find the best deals on Target with all the important product details you need. As it is the 8th-largest retailer in the United States, you’ll gain insights into commercial goods under different categories.


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As another e-commerce giant operated by Alibaba Group, Tmall is one of the biggest B2C online retail platforms in China. Extract real-time product data to monitor your competitors and adjust your strategy accordingly is a must-have ability in the cut-throat market.

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Travel  →



Airbnb is an online lodging marketplace with over 6 million listings around the world. This template allows you to collect listing details including location, properties, price, host and many more. 

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Booking.com serves as a travel search engine for lodging reservations with 30 million listings around the globe. This template allows you to collect an extensive set of hotel ata instantly.

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With more than 570 million reviews and opinions covering 1.2 million hospitality businesses. Octoparse helps you retrieve all the valuable data for sentiment analysis, market research and price monitoring.

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Directories  →



CrunchBase has over 50 million professionals including investors, market researchers, sales and many more. This template helps you pull all candidate information.It'll help you prospect qualified leads that have fit with your business.

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Get thousands of qualified leads on the spot. This template works wonders to boost your business with significant numbers of prospects.


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Yelp possesses rich data of reviews, photos, and business information. This template allows you to get all business information effortlessly. We make the data ready for you to monitor the sentiment of your customers.

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Planning to boost your restaurant revenue or starting your new dining business? Gather essential operational details of your competitors into spreadsheets to do careful market research.


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Discover small businesses in your target region with the Manta template. Generate high-quality sales lead using valuable information scraped from the site. Doesn’t matter you are looking for dentists, automotive repairs, lawyers or contractors, Octoparse got you covered.

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Find out the best shops and facilities in Japan with abundant online information. You will be able to compare all the choices, pick the best location and make a reservation through phone calls with your favorite place.


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Social Media  →



As one of the largest open social media sites in China, Weibo encompasses the features of Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and Youtube, which makes it the gold mine for marketers to derive insights from. Octoparse scrapes posts, videos, links and more into a structured format quickly.

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Bilibili is an online entertainment website with abundant videos covering a wide range of genres. Building a content curation or exploring culture-relevant information, this template allows you to collect complete post and video information efficiently.


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The world’s most popular video website. What are the most trendy videos? How do people perceive a certain type of videos and more? This template helps to deal with these questions by aggregating video titles, descriptions, publish dates, and more.


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Jobs  →



You can take advantage of Glassdoor to gather job information. Getting quick data such as job title, employer name, ratings, locations with Glassdoor template is easy peasy


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Houzz is the third-largest online shopping marketplace for architecture, interior design and home improvement. You will have pricing, product name and contractors well prepared with this template for product and price monitoring.

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Whether you want to tackle the job-finding problem or collect information for fun, Indeed Template allows you to extract job postings around the world


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Mynavi Co. Ltd is the largest human resource advertising company in Japan. Explore employment or business opportunities with マイナビ転職 Template effortlessly.


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Rikunabi is an employment site provided by Recruit Group in Japan. Many fresh graduated college students rely on this website for job hunting. It helps you gather all the job titles, job descriptions, company names and official websites at ease.

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Real Estates  →



It is the UK’s largest website for the local community with 14.8 million monthly unique visitors. Gumtree has all the data you need about a property. If you are a real estate agent, home investor, flipper, and house seller, this template helps you retrieve all the information.

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It is the leading commercial real estate marketplace for tenants, landlords, and brokers. With the template, you can extract the up-to-date info on apartments and condos for sale/rent in Canada.


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No matter if you are a real estate agent or a careful buyer trying to hunt down the best houses in Japan, SUUMO would be the best site to look into. Make wiser choices for your next real estate investment with all the pictures, floor plans, location information that Octoparse collects for you.

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Others  →



As the third-largest search engine, Bing provides different search results where real insights are hidden. This template can gather you all the search results to get your ideas flowing for content marketing.

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Google Search

Aggregate Google search results in one go for SEO or content curation. This template helps you scour all the results much faster. Gather remarkable content into one spreadsheet for inspiration.

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Google Scholar

Run out of ideas? Save your time by entering the keyword into the Google Scholar template, and you get all keyword-related information into a spreadsheet within a few secs.

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Google Play

Just built an App and wonder how it works out? Skimming Google Play is not enough. Octoparse helps to track your and your competitor’s users by collecting their reviews and ratings. Now you can conduct thorough market research and optimize your App accordingly.

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National Health Commission

Get thousands of qualified leads on the spot. This template works wonders to boost your business with significant numbers of prospects.

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Bigo Live

Bigo Live a live streaming community for people to show their interests, share gaming videos and more. You will be able to scrape the ID of the hosts & viewers, live comments, etc.

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