Automobile Data Scraping

All businesses are facing cut-throat competition in many aspects and the autoparts and equipment business are not an exception. That's why you need to know how the competitors are performing on a daily basis or even a per-minute basis.

Get Data Effortlessly

# Retrieve Multiple Marketplaces

We manage the variety and volume. Scrape from major autoparts websites like carparts, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, to equipment online stores like Zoro, Grainger, Tooltopia. Monitor multiple websites at the same time without effort.

# We know the datapoints you want

Extract data fields like UPC, Product ID, Variant, Reviews, Supplyer, Seller review, Product cost, Reviews, Vehicle Type, Year, Make, Model & Engine Typeand many more. We scrape as per your requirements!

# Easy integration

Octoparse managed service offers a one-complete solution to help you aggregate the data you need with end-to-end integration.

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See what data you can get with Octoparse

As long as your data sources are public, Octoparse will be able to get them ready for you!

Automotive parts website

Car parts lists can comprise thousands of positions. Data extraction will help to pull a detailed product list from the supplier’s website.

Sample sites:;

Car sales data

Finding a car, new or used, can feel like a Herculean task. Data scraping relieves this by organizing data so that it can be easily analyzed.

Sample sites:;

Industrial Supply

Diversifying your supply chain across countries is key to saving costs and securing value-chain competitiveness.

Sample sites:;

Machinery Parts

Aggregating data on prices of replacement parts and supplier info for heavy machinery.

Sample sites:;

What you can do with the data

Here are a few already proven web scraping use cases within the automotive industry.

Aggregated car listings websites

Fetch prices from millions of sites, partners and channels at the same time. Whether it is to raise, lower or match your pricing with the competitors, optimize your product pricing and increase sales.

Market trends and pricing intelligence

Aggregate thousands of data points from multiple retail sites to track best sellers’ ranking. Find out which products are most popular that are missing from your store. Enhance your product’s mix and take the lead.

Inventory monitoring

We scrape UPS, ASIN, Product number, Product ID, SKUs, and stock level. Track product availability in multiple online marketplaces. 

Competitor monitoring

We collect products, prices, reviews and stock levels automatically across different websites. Track how your competitors handle their products. Find out what the difference is between the competitors and your offerings.

MAP Compliance Monitoring

We offer daily, weekly or monthly monitoring to track SKUs and distributors across online stores so you can keep tabs on authorized dealers for finding out who violates MAP. Nip pricing conflicts in the bud!

Monitor Customer Sentiment

We make it as easy and simple as possible for you to collect reviews, by transforming reviews into a simple spreadsheet. This is so important because the more complete reviews you gather, the more insights you can generate to optimize your business!


Pick the best solution for your project

From long-term service to once-off delivery, Octoparse will tailor a solution for your cadency, budget and requirements.

Octoparse DaaS

Sit back and relax. We offer a one-stop solution ranging from data extraction, data wrangler to data integration. Let us know your requirements and we will deliver the data the way you want it.

Customized crawlers

We can help you set up and maintain customized scrapers. You can store and manage data more efficiently with your team directly through one platform.

Hear more from our customers

Blind Rivet is an online retailer selling hardware parts and tools. Web scraping helps the business on stock tracking and keeping track of its retailers' stock data make the business process run smoothly. 

Officecab is a company based in Japan, selling products mainly on eBay. The founder told us that he continues to collect product data from eBay and build a database for longitudinal market analysis.

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